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Public enterprise

Public enterprise (PE) shall be a non-profit public legal person of limited civil liability. The objective of PE shall be to satisfy public interests by carrying out the educational, training and scientific, cultural, health care, environmental protection, sports development, social or legal assistance provision as well as other activities useful to the public. A Public enterprise shall be entitled to pursue the economic-commercial activities which are not prohibited by laws and which are inseparably connected with the objectives of activities thereof.

Founders of public enterprise

The founders of public enterprise may be the State, municipalities and other persons who are not seeking personal benefit from the activities of this establishment and who have concluded the Memorandum of Association of the Public enterprise. The number of founders shall not be limited. Having transferred to the Public enterprise a contribution, public enterprise founders shall become stakeholders therein

Management Bodies of public enterprises

Public enterprise must have a body – a general meeting of stakeholders and a single-person management body – PE manager

Use of Public enterprice profit

The profit earned by public enterprise may be used only to attain the objectives of activities of public enterprise as specified in public enterprise Articles of Association. Public enterprice profit may not be allocated to its stakeholders, members of public enterprise bodies and for the payment of bonuses to employees

You have to submit to us the following documents and information

  • Data of founders (stakeholders) (name, surname, personal code, address of declared place of residence). If founder is a legal person – name of enterprise, code and address of registered office as well as name, surname, personal code, address of declared place of residence of director who represents an enterprise
  • Data of future public enterprice director (name, surname, personal code, address of declared place of residence)
  • Name of future public enterprise
  • Exact address of future public enterprise