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Corporate restructuring

Restructuring means change of the legal form of a legal entity, when a new legal form entity takes over all commitments and rights of the restructured legal entity. After completion of restructuring procedures, the legal entity does not seize, operation activities do not stop, only the legal form changes (proprietorship becomes a private company, association – public body, and alike), this does not have any impact on the company assets, rights and commitments – they remain for the new legal form entity.

We will take next actions

  • Prepare the decision of the legal entity owner to restructure the legal entity
  • Announce about it in the daily newspapers as provided by the set-up documents and advise all creditors of the legal entity
  • Register legal status of the restructured legal entity at the Register of Legal Entities
  • Reserve the name of a new legal form entity at the Register of Legal Entities
  • Submit set-up documents and forms for the notary approval
  • Register at the Register of Legal Entities