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Association shall be a public legal person of limited civil liability who has its name and the objective thereof is to coordinate activities of the Association members, represent interests of the Association members and defend them or satisfy other public interests. An Association may include one of the following words in its name: “association”, “public organization”, “alliance“, “confederation”, “union”, “society” or other.

The minimum number of founders of an Association shall be three. All founders of an Association shall become the members of this Association from a moment of Association registration in the Register of Legal Entities.

Founders of association

  • Founders of Association may be the natural persons who have reached 18 years of age and/or legal persons, having concluded a Memorandum of Association
  • Persons under 18 years of age may be members of Associations the activities thereof are related to needs of children and youth
  • The minimum number of members of Association shall be 3

Profit of association

It shall be prohibited for Association to pay to the founder or a member of the Association payments from profit share, distribute assets and funds of the Association, including profit, to members of management bodies of the Association with an exception of payment of wages and in other cases set forth by laws.

Management bodies

  • The Association must have general meeting of members and/or any other body (conference, convention, congress, assembly or other) having all or part of the rights of the general meeting of members
  • The management body (single-person or/and collegial) must function in Association as well as other bodies may be formed

Liability of association

Association shall be a legal person of limited civil liability and is liable for its obligations by assets possessed by the title of ownership.